One of the best ways to promote global understanding across the barriers that separate people is to host an ambassador in your home. Show them your community, city, country and culture, and learn about theirs over meals, laughter, and shared experiences.

“In our home we have received friends from several parts of the world, and it has been very nice to show them our culture” 

“My first journey was in 1982 to England and I travelled and hosted at least a dozen times after that. What a wonderful world it has been!” 

“I have had lots of guests over the years and all of them were special in some respect. They did help me a lot to improve my command of English and introduced me to the Western world.” 

“We have hosted many amazing people from around the globe and are so fortunate to have made so many friends that we keep in touch with.”

“Living alone in my apartment I hosted a lady, treated her like a family-member – and we talked and talked. During the week I learned about her life, her country but also showed her my and our way of living” 

“I host because then I see my surroundings through the eyes of others. They notice many beautiful things that I no longer see because I’m used to them. After they leave, I often feel so satisfied to live here in this beautiful area.”

Great reasons to host…

Are you considering traveling to another country, but want to know more about it from a citizen of that region before you go? Consider hosting an ambassador from that area in your home for a week. Do you have young ones in your home, and want to open their minds to cultures other than your own? Consider hosting for a week to make a friend from one of sixty countries around the world! Are you studying a foreign language? Would you like to possibly host someone for a week in your home who is a native speaker? Have you made a friend with someone from another country when traveling? Would you like to “pay that forward” by hosting a visitor in your home to teach about your culture and daily life?

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