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Travel the world. Be welcomed into someone’s home. Immerse yourself in their local culture. Invite travelers from other places into your own home and proudly share your culture with them.

Since 1977, the travel exchange movement pioneered by Friendship Force International has given people the unique opportunity to connect in ways that transcend boundaries to promote goodwill, respect, and understanding.

This kind of intimate, life changing experience may not be for everyone, but for thousands of Friendship Force members worldwide, the personal relationships we’ve established are a powerful and authentic way to impact positive change and empathy around the world.


With journeys that have spanned over 60 countries and six continents, we couldn’t possibly list everything available to you through Friendship Force.

Below are sample journeys and activities that are representative of a typical Friendship Force journey.

Journey: Hiking in Bavaria

Journey: Hiking in Bavaria

Friendship Force members from around the world join a 10-day hiking adventure in stunning Bavaria, Germany

Journey: Global Youth Journey to Japan

Journey: Global Youth Journey to Japan

Young people aged 14 and over were invited, with their parents, to experience another culture and language in this truly beautiful part of the world with a rich history.

Journey: Guadeloupe to Tere Rio, Brazil

Journey: Guadeloupe to Tere Rio, Brazil

The group of FF Guadeloupe had lots of fun with the hosts of FF Tere-Rio for a week while they visited touristic places, learned about the Brazilian culture and had some great quality time

you’ve got friends…

in a lot of places.

Atik Wijayanti

Solo-Surakarta, Indonesia

“I have been participating in Friendship Force for more than 20 years. Without realizing it, my network grew and it has changed us a lot in so many ways…new families and friends all around the world. Priceless.”

George Dorgebetor

Volta Lake, Ghana

“I could not wait to have my first experience with Friendship Force. It’s expanded my horizons. Living to understand each other is golden. Friendship Force is a family with a true spirit of volunteerism and love for peace.”

Suzanne Duquesne

Noumea, New Calendonia

“I heard about Friendship Force through friends in 2004. I had just retired. I’ve always enjoyed travelling; I like the idea of meeting people from different countries, getting to know each other through hosting, visiting, sharing, experiencing different cultures. That’s what Friendship Force is all about.”

Pallie Savoie

Kentucky, USA

“Friendship Force taught me from a young age that there are people from different places all over the world who live very different lives than my own but who tell amazing stories. My favorite memory is of a visitor from Canada who explained how during the winter, he commuted to work by ice skating down canals. I thought it was the most magical thing I’d ever heard.”

Jaap Schouten

Ottawa, Canada

“Afterward, most of us spoke of what we had seen in Moscow. But Claudette, who has been blind since her teenage years, spoke eloquently about what she had heard, smelled, and felt during her week with her Russian hosts. It was a spell-binding experience. To this day, I regret not having recorded it. Later, Claudette led us in hosting a group from Bogota, Colombia.”

Vivian Avila

San Jose, Costa Rica

“It was a very enriching experience because we learned firsthand about the division of Germany during the Second World War. Our host didn’t speak Spanish, and likewise, I don’t speak German. The language barrier wasn’t a problem for us – we were still able to communicate and understand Ann’s experiences during the 28 years of the Berlin Wall. A conventional trip would never have allowed us to learn so much. That is what Friendship Force is all about.”

Alain Siebenbour

Toulouse, France

“My host welcomed me like family without even knowing me, gave me the keys to her house, told me her story of a British migrant almost forced to leave her country to settle in Australia. I still regularly receive news from her. This is how we create a network of friendship and fraternity, thanks to Friendship Force.”

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