Friendship Force International has worked towards promoting peace and cultural exchange across 60 countries thanks to the dedicated work of its club leaders, members and remote staff. FFI staff has worked incredibly hard to support and organize our 300+ clubs and 400+ journeys.


In 2017, FFI made significant changes by adopting a virtual workplace model. This change has allowed our staff members to collaborate across nine countries and showcases the team’s dedication and resilience in keeping club members connected. Although this shift did not come easily, after almost six years, we can confidently say the remote staffing model has been embraced by our members and has functioned successfully. As our staff comes from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, we can approach our decision-making processes in a truly global mindset, as we move away from an American-centric view.


Despite facing challenges during the pandemic, FFI’s staff went above and beyond to keep clubs and members connected to our mission. Even through unexpected challenges, reduced hours, and the threat of closure, Friendship Force stands strong today as we continue to evolve and rebuild. FFI CEO, Jeremi Snook, expressed his deep gratitude for the “remarkable talent, expertise, and ideas the FFI staff bring to the organization every day.” The organization is extremely grateful for the dedication and hard work of both its members and staff who consistently exceed expectations in their roles. Friendship Force would like to introduce our hardworking staff members who are integral to the leadership of our organization.


The Friendship Force Leadership Team:

Director of Member Engagement: Allison Lindsey, USA

Director of Finance and Operations: Dana Jackson, USA

Director of Special Events and Communications: Debbie Powell, United Kingdom

Director of Journey Management & Latin American Operations: Hemily Nogueira, Brazil

Director of Technology & European Operations: Kerstin Hogan, Germany

Director of Planning / Regional Support Manager for Australia: Kimberly Fraser, Australia

Director of Asian Operations: Noriko Kanamoto, Japan 

Director of Government Grant Programs / Regional Support Manager for the US and Canada: Taryn Roberts, USA

Finance Associate: Mike Eckroth, USA

Regional Support Manager for Europe, Eurasia and the Middle East: Olga Dyakova, Colombia

Regional Support Manager for New Zealand: Liv Goudie, New Zealand

Regional Support Manager for French-Speaking Clubs & UK: Sebastian Alcazar, Canada

Intern: Gia Cornejo-Cicala, USA


For a more in-depth look at our staff members, check out our Leadership & Governance page.


About Friendship Force International

Friendship Force International (FFI) is a cultural exchange organization that has brought people from all over the world of all ages, cultures, and nationalities together for almost 50 years. With a mission of promoting global understanding across the barriers that separate people, FFI has an extensive program of international exchanges many of which have a key homestay component that allows ambassadors to share a home, meals, conversation and everyday experiences. Through these unique experiences, people become friends, seeing beyond governments and borders into the heart of a country and its people. Almost one million people have participated in Friendship Force programs since the organization was founded in 1977 by Wayne Smith and introduced by U.S. President Jimmy Carter. Friendship Force has more than 300 chartered clubs and programs in more than 60 countries on six continents, with more than 18,000 members worldwide. For additional information, visit

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