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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

FF Sacramento Celebrates 30 Years in 2018!

Editor’s Note: In March 2018, the Friendship Force of Sacramento celebrated their 30th anniversary with a spectacular celebration, with many members, civic leaders, and FFI CEO Jeremi Snook in attendance. At the event, original charter member of FF Sacramento, Doris Schroeder, shared the following story. You see more photos and details of the celebration here on FF Sacramento’s website!

I stand before you today in place of my husband Helmut Schroeder who passed away in 2016. He established the chapter of the Friendship Force in Sacramento in 1988. He shared the dream of the Friendship Force that one day all people on this beautiful planet would be able to live in peace and harmony with each other.

Speaker Doris Schroeder

The Friendship Force of Sacramento had humble beginnings with many meetings in our living room. The club of San Francisco was very helpful. They sent experienced members to assist with the first steps of establishing our club. My husband contacted the headquarters of the Friendship Force in Atlanta, and the founder, Wayne Smith, came to Sacramento to help in the planning on our club. You all probably know that the Friendship Force was started by Wayne Smith, a former pastor, who together with President Carter founded the peace organization in 1977. On March 1st of that year, the Friendship Force was officially introduced at the White House by President Carter.

Our first incoming exchange took place in 1988 with the club from Arnhem, Holland. Diny Goossens was the exchange director and brought with her a number of brave souls to Sacramento. It happened around Thanksgiving and of course we did our best to impress our guests with an authentic Thanksgiving Dinner. We had rented space at the library on Auburn Boulevard and we hauled many cooked turkeys and all the trimmings there. It was a successful exchange and many others followed.

In the fall of 1988, my husband and I flew to Holland and attended our first International Conference. King Leopold of Holland opened the conference with the Carters in attendance. We were thrilled when President and Mrs. Carter greeted us at the table with a handshake. The idea of inviting strangers, of course with the same peaceful mindset as ours, into our homes and introducing them to our own style of living, fosters friendship, understand and respect for one another.

Jeremi Snook with Doris and the Schroeder family

In 1989, the Sacramento club participated in an exchange to Colombia. We stayed with a young family in Bogotá, then in Cali, and then from there onto Leticia. From there, the exchange director organized a most adventurous trip by boat on the Amazon river to a remote village. I will never forget this trip, where we fished for piranhas, shared a bottle of rum in the boat, and hiked through the jungle to our designated village, where we were greeted by the indigenous, friendly people with fruit juices and unusual food. I remember it was very tasty and we all devoured our meals.

The Sacramento Club hosted many exchanges over the years from all over the world. Thanks to all of our members, our club has established a very good reputation. My husband and I hosted guests from Great Britain, New Zealand, Japan, Holland, Germany, Russia, Colombia, Taiwan and Indonesia. We hosted two high school principals from Jakarta, Indonesia. One of the excursions took us to Plymouth and Calaveras Big Trees, where these two delightful gentlemen experienced their first snow in their lives. It was so funny to see them throw snowballs to each other and shriek with delight. We hosted a couple from Taiwan that did not speak English but we communicated with our gestures, facial expressions, and pictures. We parted as friends.

I am sure many of you have similar experiences with your guests. I know my husband would be very proud to see how well the Sacramento Club is flourishing under excellent leadership. So let us continue to be messengers of peace in the world. I would like to close with a motto of the Friendship Force: A world of friends is a world of peace. Thank you.

– Story written by Doris Schroeder, original charter member of FF Sacramento

FF Sacramento Charter Members

New Dates and Location for 2019 World Conference!

Highlights from the 2018 March Board of Directors Meeting

Editor’s Note: Board of Directors Chair, Jo Custead, of FF Saskatoon, Canada, shares a summary of highlights below from the March 2018 Board Meeting.

Amidst the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, USA, the FFI Board of Directors met from March 19-22, 2018 for a productive and insightful yearly meeting. Discussing topics ranging from strategy to organizational development, 11 Board Members, including two new Board Members Krisztina Balogh and James Permana, covered significant ground on a variety of ideas and issues. Board Members in attendance were Bobbie Mulholland, Lyn Hargreave, Ramona McGee, Krisztina Balogh, Simone Lanzoni, Stuart May, Hiroshi Onishi, James Permana, Therese Vilovar, and Birgit Wagner (Board Member Bob Duncan was unable to attend). I wanted to share with you all some of the highlights from the meeting:

  • The Board approved the development and deployment of a global satisfaction survey that will gauge the strengths and weaknesses of the organization from year to year. The survey will give all members the ability to provide feedback on  aspects of the organization. This new tool will be deployed in multiple languages annually.
  • Upon reviewing the proposed redevelopment of the International Advisory Council (IAC), the Board approved the first slate of advisors – a group of prospective candidates that will be approached to join the IAC this year. The overall goal is for the IAC to be comprised of well-known public influencers that represent the diversity that exists within the Friendship Force membership and publicly promote the mission and vision of the organization.
  • After reviewing a report on the financial status of Friendship Force International, the Board of Directors was pleased that for 2017, and for the first time in several years, the organization finished the year strong and ahead of budget. The Board is optimistic this is a reflection of renewed strength and vitality in programs.

  • The Board received a report on the ongoing re-development of the website and database, specifically focusing on the next steps to deploy more tools for members and clubs. Additionally, the Board approved the development of a member portal, which is the next step in creating a more secure and personal online experience for members. The member portal will be password protected and each member will receive a unique login. Once logged in, members will be able to build their secure online profile, make Journey payments, track and log experiences with Friendship Force, and connect with the Friendship Force global community. In time, the member portal will be able to provide access in a number of foreign languages.
  • Members of the Board examined how remote members may be recruited, connected with our mission, and inspired to start a club in their community. The support structure for global membership is still in development and a work team has been formed to continue its development.
  • The Board devoted some time to looking at Friendship Force’s ongoing club development initiatives, specifically efforts to strengthen current clubs and enhance recruitment efforts and to establish new clubs. The Board was pleased with the considerable progress made in marketing, public relations, and the utilization of technology towards these efforts, but recognizes there is still much more to be done.

  • The Board received a comprehensive report and engaged in lengthy discussions around revisions to the financial fee structure for Journeys. Challenges with the current fee structure are that it is not equitable for shorter Journeys, it does not take into consideration currency fluctuations, and there are questions about domestic vs. club vs. inter-European exchanges as well as the rate justifications. The Finance Committee will take the research and discussion from the Board and create a proposal to be presented later this year.
  • The Board approved the increase of the member affiliation fee to $20.00 USD per member starting in 2020, noting that it has been nearly seven years since the last adjustment and the costs of doing business naturally rise.

  • Jeremi Snook spent some time outlining the ongoing development of the next organizational strategic plan that will carry the organization from 2019 to 2021. The plan, currently in draft form, will continue to undergo modifications as feedback from leaders throughout the organization is incorporated in the final product. An official announcement and educational campaign around the new plan is projected for fourth quarter of this year.
  • On a joint meeting day, FFI Staff and the Board of Directors met to rework the awards and volunteer recognition process for FFI. Awards were postponed in 2017 due to lack of participation by clubs in previous years. The Board and staff came up with a number of ways in which members and clubs can be honored for their contributions to our mission. FFI staff is working to finalize the awards and recognition process that will be announced in the coming months.

All of us on the Board are pleased with the progress over the past several months and the encouraging reports received and discussions that took place during this meeting in picturesque Asheville. We look forward to keeping you all informed with updates as the year continues!

In friendship,

Jo Custead, Board Chair, FF Saskatoon, Canada




Friday, April 27, 2018

Press Release: Friendship Force, pioneer in global homestay experience, seeking dedicated leaders to join its Board of Directors

ATLANTA, April 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Friendship Force International, the global pioneer in promoting personal homestay travel experiences, is seeking dedicated leaders to join its board of directors to help chart the non-profit’s future course.

Qualifying candidates will be expected to have leadership skills, the ability to think strategically and globally, and a commitment to the FFI mission, vision and goals.

FFI is specifically seeking Board member nominees who have a strong network of connections that could assist FFI and/or with expertise in one or more of the following fields: fundraising, accounting, non-profit management, marketing/communications, and technology.

The nomination/application form can be found here: and the deadline for submissions is May 20, 2018.

Click here for details of the duties of a member of the Board of Directors.

“The mission of our organization transcends politics and religion and provides a time-honored process for average people to travel the world to experience different views and discover common ground,” said Jeremi Snook, FFI president and CEO. “I look forward to working with the current board and new board members as we develop new and exciting travel experiences designed to offer people of all ages and backgrounds opportunities to explore the world and make new friends while building bridges of understanding.”


With more than 15,000 people involved in Friendship Force International in more than 60 countries worldwide, FFI provides opportunities to explore new countries and cultures from the inside by bringing people together at the personal level. Through the signature program of home hospitality pioneered by FFI, local hosts welcome international visitors into their culture, sharing with them meals, conversation, and the best sights and experiences of their region.

Celebrating its 41st anniversary in 2018, Friendship Force has brought together more than 1 million people in homestay and cultural immersion experiences that have helped to promote global understanding across the barriers that separate people.

To learn more about how Friendship Force International can enrich your life, please visit

Andrew Bowen

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Ambassadors and Hosts Share “Homes and Hearts” in Mexico

Editor’s Note: This guest post was written by recent Ambassador Coordinator, Donna Baldwin-Haut, a member of FF Greater Milwaukee, Michigan, USA. She and 14 other ambassadors traveled in January to Mexico and developed incredible friendships with their host clubs of FF Tuxtla Gutierrez and FF Mexico City, while learning about Mexican culture, history, and customs.

Fifteen very enthusiastic ambassadors from throughout the US, Canada and England had the opportunity to enjoy a two-week Journey to wonderful Mexico. After a brief overnight in Mexico City, our first week was spent in the state of Chiapas in the city of Tuxtla Gutierrez. Chiapas is one of the poorest states in Mexico. but amazingly rich in friendly and welcoming Tuxtla Gutierrez Friendship Force club members. The club did an outstanding job in sharing its rich history with us.

We were welcomed by government officials, learned about the local flora and fauna, fell in love with the music of the magnificent marimba, shared a Mexican breakfast in the indigenous community of Zinacantan, were moved by our visit to the San Juan Chamula indigenous community church, witnessed the celebration of the “Combat” fireworks in the Grijalva River at Chiapa de Corzo, and enjoyed the spectacular Festival of the Parachicos with its colorful and fun parade that brought smiles and laughter to all our faces.

Our visit to historic San Cristobal de las Casas was wonderful; conversely, our visit to two local hospitals to bring small medical equipment was emotional and highlighted the extent of local poverty. We finished the week with our outdoor fun-filled farewell party along the river, an event none of us will soon forget.

With lots of tears and long hugs, we said “adios” to our new friends and ventured forth to Mexico City, a huge city of over 21 million people which accounted for the overwhelming nature of traffic witnessed throughout the week. A long ride from the airport to the welcome party found us in the warm inviting arms of our new hosts.

With new found respect for Mexico City and all it had to offer, we had an super week. The hop on-hop hop-off bus gave us a great feel for the city. We enjoyed our time in the heart of the city visiting the Zocalo, the National Palace with the Diego Rivera murals, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Aztec remains. Our afternoon at Xochimilco on the floating trajinera party boats was great fun as we enjoyed the local food and Mariachi music with the club members. The beautiful church in the town of Tepotzotlán (Unesco World Heritage) was the backdrop for an enchanting performance of the university a capella quartet, Shemesh. Our visit to the Teotihuacan pyramids and the Basilica of Guadalupe gave us a deeper understanding of the history and culture of the Mexican people.

The highlight for many of us was the Museum of Anthropology that we visited with an terrific guide, followed by lunch in beautiful Chapultepec Park. A delightful evening performance of the Ballet Folklorico was enjoyed at the castle of Maximilian. The generosity and kindness of our home hosts was evident each and every day. Club president, Maru, was an knowledgeable historian and she brought this incredible city into greater focus for us all. It was a perfect week with perfect home hosts who shared their homes and hearts with each of us, making it all the more difficult to bid them “hasta luego” at the end of our delightful Mexico Journey!

Story by Donna Baldwin-Hunt, Ambassador Coordinator, FF Greater Milwaukee

Monday, April 16, 2018

Press Release: Friendship Force names two directors to international board: Krisztina Balogh of Hungary and James Permana of Chicago

ATLANTA, April 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Friendship Force International, the world’s pioneer in promoting global understanding and peace through the citizen homestay experience, announces Krisztina Balogh of Székesfehérvár, Hungary, and James Permana of Chicago, Ill, USA, have joined the Friendship Force Board of Directors.

“As Friendship Force executes its strategy to grow its worldwide membership, strengthen its mission, and write new chapters in our 40-year history of promoting peace through understanding, Krisztina and James will play critical leadership roles in achieving our global objectives,” commented Jeremi Snook, President and Chief Executive Officer of Friendship Force International. “They are a perfect complement to our current board, which includes 10 other outstanding international citizens who care deeply about our mission.”

Krisztina has grown up with Friendship Force, as her family joined the organization in 1991 when she was 21. An English language teacher and a certified accountant, she has lived in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, all of her life. Krisztina has had several positions in her local Friendship Force club, most recently as president.

“I have been a Friendship Force member for 27 years, and know the organization quite well,” said Krisztina. “We must attract new members and at the same time maintain our high level of support and service for current members.”

James Permana lives in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and works as a healthcare data consultant. Friendship Force has been instrumental in shaping his love and appreciation of international friendship since high school, when he participated in the first International Summer Institute (later renamed “Global Youth Institute”). James hosted international guests through Sisters Cities International and Youth For Understanding, and was a pioneer member of the Couch Surfing community. James also volunteers as an ESL tutor, an income tax preparer, and works at the information desk at O’Hare International Airport through Traveler’s Aid. James travels extensively domestically for work and internationally, and has been all over Asia and Europe. James plans to work in three areas: fund development, technological advances and membership growth.

The governing Board of Directors of Friendship Force International (FFI) consists of volunteers who contribute their time and expertise to overseeing the global operations of the organization. Board members serve four-year terms. The current members are from nine countries. Most are experienced Friendship Force leaders, but several come from outside of FFI, adding a valuable external perspective.

Since its founding in Atlanta in 1977 as the original global citizen homestay exchange program, Friendship Force International has helped to coordinate journeys of friendship and discovery by more than 1 million people who have visited in the homes of strangers for a week or more and returned home as friends.

Today, journeys of exploration, service or learning can be arranged in more than 60 countries around the world, where more than 15,000 Friendship Force volunteer members open their hearts, homes and communities to world travelers eager to immerse themselves in local cultures to help build bridges across the barriers that separate people.

Media Contact:

Andrew Bowen

Friday, April 6, 2018

Friendship Force Listed in Latest Edition of Travel Author and Host Rick Steves’ Book

Rick Steves, a well-known American travel author and expert, has included Friendship Force International in his third edition of his book Travel as a Political Act alongside other educational travel organizations.

As Rick writes,

I’ve taken several wonderful trips with organizations that offer ‘educational’ or ‘reality’ tours… It’s clear to me that if you want to get the most out of visiting a complicated corner of our world, your best bet is to go with an organization that has a network of people on the ground who can provide an insider’s understanding.

Following his blog post on the topic last year, Rick’s new book debuted in February with a section called “Take an Educational Tour,” where Friendship Force is detailed:

A nonprofit organization, FF focuses on person-to-person exchange, with locals welcoming travelers into their homes. Each one- to three-week program includes cultural experiences, such as learning to make traditional lavash bread in Armenia, visiting historic Brazilian fishing villages, or tobogganing on sand hill in Australia’s Hunter Valley.


Thursday, March 1, 2018

Featured Journey of the Quarter – FF Central North Carolina, USA to FF São Luís, Brazil

“Looking back, the conviviality of the welcome party was a marker for our journey from the handshake of strangers to the embrace of friends.” – Charles John, FF Central North Carolina Ambassador

As we welcome the first quarter of 2018 and the completion of our organization’s 40th Anniversary year, we also want to reflect on the milestones and achievements accomplished by our clubs around the world. FF São Luís, Brazil, welcomed their very first group of ambassadors, and this inbound Journey was a rousing success, as outlined in this colorful narrative written collectively by ambassadors of FF Central North Carolina, USA.

From a thrilling early morning trek to the Barreirinhas, during which the ambassadors “shared an adventurous and exciting attitude,” to a voyage up the lush River Preguiças to the Pequenos Lençois, this Journey was filled with memorable moments and budding friendships. The Journey began as many do, with a  welcome dinner that was a “beautiful affair,” featuring Brazilian folk songs, a dance, a mini classical guitar presentation, and portrait photography of ambassadors with their hosts.


The Journey’s itinerary also included a celebratory day at the beach at Litoranea, a potluck dinner at the home of the Host Coordinator Selma, a visit to Sitio Piranhengas, and a city tour full of history and topped off with a seafood buffet and an evening presentation of folk rallies. So many moments in this bountiful itinerary turned into lasting memories, leaving ambassadors “always exhausted with joy!”


Click here to read this creative collection of stories, Vinhetas do Brasil, in its entirety, composed of individual entries written by each of the FF Central North Carolina ambassadors.

You are invited to the Friendship Force European Conference – Leuven, Belgium, June 7-10, 2018!

Members of FF Leuven and the European Action Committee hope that all Friendship Force Europe members and leaders will consider attending this gathering of clubs from many European and Eurasian countries. The Conference will take place at the Park Inn by Radisson in Leuven from June 7 – 10, 2018!

FFI CEO Jeremi Snook will be in attendance at the conference, speaking about plan for club development, global membership, new multilingual technology initiatives, revised fee schedule, and plans for festivals and revitalization!

Prior to the European Conference, national conferences will be held on June 7 for Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Belgium/The Netherlands, and the U.K.

Registration Fee for Conference Participants (including 4 coffee breaks, 3 lunches, Welcome Dinner): €220 p.p.

Registration closes on April 1 – so register here today!

Several program options are available for non-conference participants, including a free guided tour of Brussels all day on Friday, along with a culinary walking tour of Leuven and Welcome and Farewell Dinners

Workshops at the Conference will cover topics such as:

  • Global Youth Journeys
    • Brainstorming session about how to involve and attract younger members; identifying resources and opportunities within your club; Journey success stories and themes
  • Saving Old Clubs and Starting New Clubs
    • How to recruit new members and to develop future leaders; the process of starting a new club; discussion of club developments in Munich and Zurich
  • How to Organize a Journey: Global, Tandem, Light
    • What are the different type of Journeys; how can you make each one interesting an exciting for your members to host
  • Carrying Out Our Mission in Daily Life
    • Reflection on how we experience and enact our mission daily and how it aligns with our personal values; sharing of stories and inspiration
  • How to Connect with Ambassadors on an Inbound Journey?
    • A playful experiment in going from small talk to “big” talk
  • Matrix Club Expansion
    • A compilation of themes and ideas brought up throughout the conference in other workshops and keynotes; this brainstorming exercise will provide a structured plan for concrete actions for both club members and club activities

Conference organizers hope that at least one representative of each club in Europe/Eurasia will attend and participate in the meetings and workshops. But don’t worry – there will be plenty of time for entertainment and socializing, too! Come to beautiful Leuven this June, and experience the oldest university town in Flanders to renew friendships and make new friends!

Why is it so important you come? 

  • Help set goals for the future of the Friendship Force of Europe together!
  • Renew friendships and make new friends!
  • Together, discuss burning issues and make sure the Friendship Force of Europe will grow stronger!
  • Hear about the future of Friendship Force from CEO Jeremi Snook, who will be in attendance!


Press Release: Friendship Force celebrates 13th annual World Friendship Day; Urging everyone to “Make a friend and make a difference”

ATLANTA, Feb. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Have you ever thought you’d like to make a difference in the world some day? You can, right now.  

This year on March 1, on the 13th anniversary of the founding of World Friendship Day by Friendship Force International, the theme is “Make a friend and make a difference.”

“Our world today sometimes seems more divided than ever,” says Jeremi Snook, President and CEO of Atlanta based Friendship Force International. “So, now more than ever, we need people everywhere to reject the political and partisan rhetoric all around us, look beyond it and into the eyes of another person and extend a hand of friendship. That seemingly small act, multiplied millions of times around the world, will indeed make a difference!”

Since its founding in Atlanta more than 40 years ago in 1977 as the original global citizen homestay journey/exchange program, Friendship Force International has helped to coordinate journeys of friendship and discovery by more than 1 million people who have visited in the homes of strangers for a week or more and returned home as friends.

Today, journeys of exploration, education, service or cultural immersion can be arranged in more than 60 countries around the world, where more than 15,000 Friendship Force volunteer members open their hearts, homes and communities to world travelers eager to immerse themselves in local cultures to help build bridges across the barriers that separate people.

World Friendship Day is officially recognized on March 1 each year by the United States Senate and other governing bodies around the world that encourage average people to get to know one another better because, as former U.S. President Jimmy Carter once said, “International friendship is a powerful antidote to war.”

On World Friendship Day, Friendship Force International also invites you to make a difference in your community by taking part in special initiatives in the name of global friendship.

Here are some ideas for ways to make a positive impact on World Friendship Day:

  • Read or give a presentation on the meaning of friendship at a library, school, neighborhood or youth organization.
  • Host a dinner in your home for foreign exchange students or the new family from another land just down the street.
  • Volunteer at an international school for an English (or other) language class; learn it or teach it, it doesn’t matter.
  • Donate supplies or volunteer at a refugee center.
  • Invite local religious leaders from various faiths for a round table discussion on religious tolerance or world peace.
  • Host a World Friendship Day dinner or party for a cultural organization in your community; the Six Continents Dinner idea is a popular one.
  • Donate supplies to a humanitarian or refugee organization.
  • Simply make it a point to make eye contact and say hello to each and very stranger you meet on World Friendship Day (and see how good it feels).

In addition to journeys between established Friendship Force clubs, Friendship Force International conducts a variety of specialized travel programs that include individual journeys; family jamborees; humanitarian and educational journeys; Friendship Festivals that include participants from many countries; professional and academic group travel and more.

Friendship Force believes that each and every person can make an important contribution to the world on World Friendship Day March 1 and every day.

Media Contact:
Andy Bowen
+1 404-822-3309