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It’s because of you.

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It’s because of you - the people who believe in our mission - that we can do the work that we do, and together we can all make the world a better place.

You are the people who believe that by traveling for good, a positive difference can be made in the world, and we can have a brighter, kinder future.

More than 300 Friendship Force travel exchanges take place every year, bringing together tens of thousands of people from more than 70 countries around the world creating international friendships across cultural, religious, and political barriers which last a lifetime.

As our founders said, ‘A World of Friends is a World of Peace.’

Your attitudes and your actions make the Friendship Force possible.

When you donate to the Friendship Force, you are helping us to grow a more peaceful world by allowing us to extend the hand of friendship to more people in more communities and nations around the world. And couldn’t we all use a little bit more of that?

Whether you support us financially by donating to our ‘Friendship in Action’ programs, educational programs for teachers and students, professional development exchanges, scholarships for attendees to our leadership training events, efforts to open new clubs, programs to train Friendship Force volunteer leaders, or just general support for the work that FFI does every day - your donation helps us to carry the mission of friendship and kindness to more people and more places worldwide.

When you donate to the Friendship Force, you help us carry world progress and a more positive civilization into the future for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. Please, won’t you join us?

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